Born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia (Europe) where I live with my husband and 3 kids that are true inspiration for my work.
I have a Masters degree from the Faculty of Applied Arts, and have started on my PhD thesis in Applied Arts and Design, through which I get to explore even more within the fields of painting, graphic and textile design.
Beside really enjoying being mama and teaching students, I’m trying to express myself through many forms of art: collages, drawings, illustrations, calligraphy, graphic design, graphic prints, photography, sewing….. I have always being inspired with many different fields of art, having the desire to try myself in different mediums, working with different materials. I find inspiration everywhere: in different forms and materials, but also in plants, travels, books, illustrations, exhibitions, fabrics, design blogs, catalogs, photographs, vintage patterns, buttons and laces.
Designing for children was definitely my first task, that raised through years in passion, designation and dedication…since later when attending Artistic Faculty almost all off my Graphic works were for that purpose( I did many illustrations for children books and even designed my font for one of these books that was looking like childish handwriting).
Sewing for children came much later, after getting my first daughter 15 years ago…..when I found myself in the role of the mother and therefore had very limited time to dedicate to art. So, being mainly in home with a need to create, I have discovered the world of fabric, where the options were almost unlimited and very challenging. I always loved fabrics and funky patterns, giving them the important roles in my graphic compositions and assemblages, but now I really wanted to learn to sew. I have repaired my mother’s vintage sewing machine, bought some Burda magazines and the first results were very encouraging, pushing me always more, giving me the goal to try more complicated techniques and garment pieces. I have always been more visual sewer, as the sewing explanations were sometimes like another unknown language for me, so with a lot of practice, I have achieved good sewing skills after a few years.
I was trying always to figure by myself how to do something and I think that experience, beside talent is one of the most important factors in sewing. Drawing and making my own patterns now is something that I am really proud of. After creating some really unique and fun pieces of clothes for my daughter, I was asked by some friends to sew some things for theirs kids too, so step by step, my label name was born in 2006. -“Like flowers and butterflies”.

Regarding the field of the surface design, you can find my designs printed as wallpapers and gift wrap through spoonflower and you can buy my fabric designs licensed for Art Gallery fabrics in the fabric shops worldwide.

I am also selling some of my creations on etsy, where I have 2 shops:


…and blogging about my adventures, on my blog:

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